These glitch images are a reaction to what is both omnipresent and immediate. The iPhone, and its camera roll contain perhaps the most genuine documentation of one’s personal history, an honest and vulnerable record of events. The images exploit the native touch technology of the iPhone in combination with the content of imagery that has been generated by me over the last six months of owning this particular phone. The images reveal personal narratives, other works that haven’t materialized and ultimately a glimpse into privacy.

Installation views at Stern Studio in Vienna, Austria from the exhibition Close History, with Thomas Lang.

The Hardest Part About Rollerblading, Photograph, 2014

Late March, Photograph, 2014

Drostie, Photograph, 2014

I'll come down in a couple of days, Photograph, 2014

Crestwood Clean Out, Photograph, 2014

Nothing, Photograph, 2014

All American Girl, Photograph, 2014

"Polymer Plate", Photograph, 2014

Georgetown Education, Photograph, 2014

Martin Sandler puts down a rug, Photograph, 2014

Faux Pas, Photograph, 2014